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About Us


CiViL combines CiViL Groups, CiViL Service and CiViL Liberties to build Character, Values and Leadership in high school students.


With a few friends and a trained, caring adult leader, you can have someone to talk to about anything. We train the whole group to listen and offer support. Talking about tough decisions makes them easier. Listening to other group members gives you new insights. And the whole group can support and encourage each other to make the best choices, even in confusing or painful situations.


If you’ve never been on a CiViL Service project, you may not know what you’re missing. You get to hang out with friends and make a difference for someone who needs your help — all at the same time. You discover that when you serve others, the work is easy because you’re doing something that really matters. It changes you. And it lets the people you’re searving know that someone cares about them. Nothing feels better!


Tired of sitting in front of the same screen all the time? Get out of the comfort zone with CiViL Liberties!  We help students explore the world, try new things, and go new places. You will be challenged by new experiences, ideas, and ways of doing things. From Shakespeare to Camping, CiViL Liberties gives you a chance to think about the world beyond your own front door and become a confident, effective citizens of the World.


CiViL is an initiative of Touchstone Youth Resource Services, Inc., a non-profit organization. CiViL is entirely dependant on the support of people like you. Here’s more information about Touchstone and how you can support CiViL.